Why Help? This Is Why - Lottie

Lottie - barely able to stand, her body a mass of a highly contagious skin condition caused by her not having essential colostrum (which would help fight infections) from her mother, probably because her mum died before she could give her baby the essential milk she needed to protect her. Lottie was reported to me early one morning – she had been thrown over a hedge, sustaining abrasions and lacerations, into a field containing rubbish, debris and most importantly, a mare, whom her owners believed would care for Lottie as her own.

This, however, was not what was best for Lottie. Confused, weak and helpless, the mare in the field was not happy to be given Lottie to look after, nor was she prepared or equipped to be a surrogate mother for this weak foal. She set about making her go away - every pinned eared backlash pushing Lottie deeper into a further demise.

By the time I arrived, Lottie was becoming weaker by the second; there was no time to waste. Myself and a colleague carried Lottie to the truck and made haste to where we could give her the treatment she needed...  to give her a chance at survival.

This is Lottie .

Despite 24/7 care and expert veterinary treatment and nursing, Lottie lost her battle with life after three days. She died in my arms, surrounded by love, knowledge and compassion.  
She received everything possible, but it was not enough.

The battle for Lottie began long before she was even born. When someone, who felt the desire or the need to own a horse set Lottie’s life in motion. We don’t know what happened to Lottie’s mother, but we know that someone took it upon themselves to try to save her, the way they thought was best. With almost every abandoned baby, if the parent cares they leave them where they can be found, where they can be cared for. In this instance the foal was left with a mare, the abandoner seeing her as a care provider to a foal.

Such desperation causes such immense pain and suffering. It is our aim, with your help, to prevent such acts, to provide education in these communities, to give the knowledge required for horse ownership. To give all those horses like Lottie a chance, maybe to have a long life with her mum. If Lottie and her mum were owned by someone who was not afraid to ask for help the outcome would have been very different.

That is our aim, to help, when it’s needed. To be there to provide assistance, to give owners the ability and knowledge to make the right choices, for themselves and any animals they own.

We can only do this with your help.

Each intervention, each time we speak with a horse owner, improves the outcomes for not only one horse but for many, as the knowledge is passed on.

Every individual who questions our intentions learns. In the communities we work with, horses provide people with a feeling of belonging, status and companionship which are all desired by so many owners. Horses are very easy to attain but sadly good intentions without the necessary knowledge have serious long lasting effects. We operate to alleviate and prevent such suffering in our communities.

This can only be achieved with your help. There are more sad stories like Lottie’s .Let us work together to prevent more stories like Lottie’s by educating owners and giving future foals a chance of a happy life.
You can make a difference – if you care – please Share – Donate – Fundraise.

We need funding to enable us to do our work:

  • £30 provides enough phone credit for us to run our help and advice lines for a month. 
  • £20 can fund an outreach officer to make a visit to a horse and their owner who need our help.
  • £100 can fund an educational event where we can reach many owners at one time. 
  • £500 will help to fund and run our ‘education bus – to have a presence in the communities and provide ongoing education. 

Every £1.00 makes a difference. You can make a difference. 
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by Lisa Lanfear
12 Mar 2018