Our vision

Our vision is a community where horses and humans thrive

Our mission

To promote positive equine welfare by providing support and educational opportunities to the community.

The urban horse population in Swansea comprises an estimated 600 horses and ponies owned by an estimated 300 members of the community. The urban horse owners represent some of the most deprived people in the UK, the majority of horses owners are under 25 years old and suffering great hardship, often abuse. We have concerns for the welfare of the urban horses in Swansea, not only those that are tethered but also those that roam common land and marshes and those kept in gardens, sheds and stables.

Communities For Horses advocates a strategic partnership between organisations working on this issue; we welcome due process and collaboration between all stakeholders. We will work with the urban horse owners to facilitate lasting change and also work with the local authorities, trading standards and the RSPCA to enforce and uphold the law regarding animal welfare and management.

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