Vets Day - October 21st 2017

On October 21st Communities For Horses facilitated its first Equine Vet Day, where we, along with some experienced volunteers, gave urban horse owners the opportunity to have their horses passported and microchipped at a discounted charity rate.

We visited 2 urban yards in the Swansea area and passported a total of 12 horses. All on the day when storm Brian decided to come to Swansea.

Swansea's very own Super Vet, Holly Thomas from Cotts Equine, donated her time and expertise to enable horses and their owners to be compliant with equine identification legislation.

Holly treated a horse for severe rainscald, something that might have gone untreated if we hadn't been on site and accessible to horse owners, whom do not find veterinary invention easy to access.

It is only with your continued support and the amazing volunteers that we are able to deliver such important events.
Holly Thomas of Cotts equine Swansea has donated her time for projects in this community 10 times, where she has been responsible for microchipping and passporting in excess of 100 equines. Given her dedication to Equine Welfare we have nominated Holly for the Pet Plan Vet of Year Award 2017. Let hope the panel of judges recognise a truly remarkable person.

During the event Lisa gave advice about feeding stabled horses and ponies. She explained the appropriate height of haynets, the need to provide ad lib hay, the positioning of feed, and other practices that enable the animals to comfortably reach the feed and aid the natural processes for digestion.

We gave short interactive tutorials on halter breaking. Many of the horses we encountered had rope halters left on them in the stables. This is a traditional way of halter breaking young horses - they are left in their stable with the rope dangling and learn that to remove the pressure they need to step off the rope. Then, when people pull on the rope, the horses have learnt that they need to move. We showed them how to use simple pressure/release method to very quickly teach the horses the same thing, without the risks and pain that leaving rope halters on in stables can cause.

Last month we answered calls for 18 horses who were all at risk of compromised welfare. We provided practical help and advice to address the situations, which helps to build trust and connections between us and the urban horse owners that is useful for our outreach work - we can only continue to do so with your help.

If you would like to run a fundraising event for us you, please let us know!

Alternatively, if you would like to donate, visit give-as-you-live

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