What Communities For Horses does

  1. We work with horse owning communities to address and prevent mismanagement, cruelty and suffering of equines.
  2. We provide equine welfare education in horse owning communities through innovative programmes for children and adults. These include vet days, training programmes, community events and children-focussed fun events.
  3. We provide support for horse owners and concerned members of the public regarding equine welfare, including running a telephone helpline. We seek to facilitate sustainable resolutions to some of the problems faced by urban and marginalised horse owning communities, for example our community grazing project.
  4. We work with other organisations, whether they exist to help humans or animals, to address the causes of problems in our community at the cause.
  5. We monitor our impact to ensure that we are as effective as we can be. We share our experiences with other organisations and provide mentoring and training opportunities to those who want to learn about working in an ethical, constructive way in the community.
We are working at first on an outreach basis, in schools, events and using community facilities. In time we will set up a static base from which to hold our activities.


  • As a result of our project, members of our community will have access to support and advice regarding equine welfare.
  • Issues will be addressed at the cause – through educational outreach work we prevent problems for future generations of equine owners and their animals.
  • The equine owning members of the community will become less marginalised as their practices no longer compromise animal welfare.
  • Children from this deprived area of Wales will have opportunities to learn about horses, the natural world and foster compassion for humans and animals.

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